How to Attach files in

Outlook has been growing and advancing in many features and functions. It is also the reason that most of the users are pretty much excited about the features. Now Outlook has made it possible to attach images, files, pdf, contact details can be added in Outlook mail message. Outlook has the ability to save or keep track of the documents and files that has been recently opened or worked on. And this information is saved even if user have stored in the computer as well if user have saved in OneDrive (Cloud storage). Outlook has been built and processed in such a way no matter where the files or the documents are stored, Outlook will automatically select the option of sending the document or to upload it. Now the sharing of the file has also been secured, users do have the settings to set passwords and make changes as who will be able to see the contents stored in your One drive. So there is no need to worry about the security and the efficiency of Outlook.
So basically accessing and receiving files are very efficient with Outlook. Now let’s move to the section where users will be able to attach files in mail to send to other user. Late before there was not the trend for attaching files as there was no such features. Now due to the requirements of numerous users, feature of attaching files in included. As there are several versions of Outlook we will provide steps to attach file in some of the version of Outlook. Let’s jump straight into the latest version of Outlook.

Attaching files in Newer version

  • Compose a new message and in the field below, select Attach file form the Message ribbon or Insert ribbon.
  • Next step is to locate the file you are looking to attach with the mail. User have option to select from the recent items, import form web and import form PC.
  • Now if the user selects any sort of file from the PC then a copy of the file will be attached to the cloud storage, One drive. This features will allow additional permission options for the users.
  • Next way to attach a file is by pasting a link in the mail. Usually files are attached but if the files size is to big then Gmail only allows 25 megabytes’ limitation for uploading

Attaching files in Outlook 2013

In the previous versions there are no variations and settings for attaching files as there are basic steps to attach files.

  • Compose a mail and from the section below select attach file option.
  • Next locate from your system which file are you looking to attach at your composed mail.

Attachment of file has made it easier and efficient to work with documents. Not only the documents section but it also helps to keep every document organized which can be accessed easily at emergencies. If users are looking to get started with Outlook than it is a very wise decision, it is always better to start early rather than waiting for other to show up.