How to Configure Yahoo! Mail with Outlook 2016?

Yahoo comes up with the latest features which will allow Yahoo users to configure their account to Desktop version of Outlook. If you been using yahoo regularly than users may be notified that yahoo no more works in windows 10 and now users can only take the experience of the web. Well now if yahoo does not support on any interface than it does not means that users will not be able to organize them, there sure are other options by which users can use mail services. Recently from Outlooks latest update it has been stated that yahoo accounts can be connected with Outlook account.
Now getting involved in Outlook application will not only make your work productive as in addition users will also get the efficient feature such as web version of yahoo. And most of all some of these also gets rid of the annoying advertisements pop up, with screen lock notification and quality interface. Users are getting pretty much excited about the new features and how efficient it will be after brought into use. So after getting information about the new features users have started to make changes. So through this article we will provide you with all the necessary steps to configure your yahoo account in which it will be configured to desktop version of Outlook.

Steps to configure Yahoo! Mail with Outlook 2016.

  • First users will have to sign in into your yahoo account.
  • Yahoo dashboard opens and users need to locate for a gear button located top-right. Click on Account Info.
  • Next step is to click on the Account Security tab.
  • In the Account security tab, make sure to allow apps that use less secure sign in to turn on.
  • Now open up Outlook desktop application in the next window.
  • Click on file > click on info and user will find add account button.
  • Go for the manual setup or the additional server type option. And click next.
  • Now comes the POP OR IMAP option. Select either of them and click next.
  • Next step is to add your personal information to your account and to the yahoo mail server.Information includes: Name, email address, account type: IMAP, username, password.
  • After clicking next go ahead and open the Outgoing Server Tab.
  • Check if the authentication option is check marked.
  • After getting your Test Account Settings completed click on close and finish.

Once the steps are completed than with in no time your account will start syncing with Yahoo account. Now user will be able to handle all of their mailing works easily on the web. If you are having trouble connecting the account and recheck the settings. There are most of the time where the numbers and the settings are not entered or typed correctly. So make sure all the digits and details during installation. If users are not used to Yahoo web experience and don’t even have desktop version of Outlook than there is an alternative in which user can use the mail app for Windows 10 in which mails can be sent and received through instructions. Call Outlook Phone Number for any issues.