How to Convert from Outlook Working Offline to Online?

Outlook has the feature in which it gives the flexibility to users to convert Outlook working Offline to online mode. So first of all we need to understand the signals which indicates about whether your Outlook is online or offline. If your Outlook is showing icons such as disconnected or working offline than it clearly states that Outlook has not been connected to Online mode. So basically in this situation user will not be able to send any or receive email until users connects to the internet. So we will be looking at the ways by which users will be able to figure it out the situation of their Outlook and make them turn online whenever it is necessary.

Outlook Status: Disconnected.

We will be looking at some of the ways due to which we can come close to the reason why Outlook has been disconnected. We will provide users with some of the reasons due to which Outlook is disconnected.

  • If the internet connection is not stable or not connected than there causes problem with the mail server.
  • Check if users are able to log in in to their account via website, check if your send and receive is working in browser. If the message is not working in the browser than user must contact customer support for further support.
  • If users are able to send messages from the browser than it can be said the mail server is working properly. So in order to fic the problem user must update their system to solve it.
  • The update contains with the computers update, update with the Outlooks version.

Some pointers for reconnecting Outlook.

Resetting Office status

  • User must select Send/Receive and select the Work Office and go ahead look for the status bar. If the status bar still shows offline than repeat the process again to make it work.
  • Check regularly for updates and install the necessary ones.
  • Another way for making it right is to Create a New profile.

To make sure to get rid of all the possible fault In your preset Outlook profile, it is suggested that user must create a new profile. If the following process is still the same than repeat the process and try adding it back again.

With the following way users will be able to easily able to convert their Outlook Working Offline to Online mode. If user face any sort problem during the process than feel free to get connected with our customer support.