How to Setup Forwarding Mail in Outlook?

Working with Outlook has always been easy and reliable. The features and options users have while sending emails has been upgraded on a yearly basis. Outlook has successfully been able to provide quality service in the following years. Certainly, Outlook is looking for further best functions which will make user experience easier and efficient. Being a greater platform there comes a great responsibility of keeping the software. In order to maintain the consistency and to add new features there are several update Outlook publish in a period of time. Now to talk about some of the fascinating features of Outlook. If you are running a bigger organization or even if you are a simple business person it would be more accurate if message was replied right after you get an inbox.
Users may have noticed at times when you sent a mail you will get a appreciation mail back which thank you for the mail. This system is known as forwarding mail. If anyone sends you a mail, it will automatically have sent a mail which will have default message written in it. So it is indeed a useful function right? With just some change in the settings, user can easily set their mail settings to forward mail in Outlook.

Steps to forward mail in Outlook.

  • First you need to open your Outlook.
  • Click on Home and in the panel you will find Rules in it, select it.
  • There you will find a drop-down menu, click it and select Manage Rules & Alerts.
  • Next a dialogue box appears in which you will find a column separating E-mails rules and Manage alerts. In the E-mail Rules select New rules.
  • Then you will find in a folder icon, in which its written, apply rule on message I receive and click next.
  • Click yes to make changes to the settings which has been changed.
  • Then set the Email id to whom you want to forward the mail and click finish.

After the steps your Outlook account will forward any mail which has been sent to you. And now you are no longer in wait to learn the ways to forward your email. Now a day most of people are used to in setting up this change. It would show a quality of work and service while making business. Now people have seen these steps, we would want to request user try to make changes on their own. But if user find the steps very confusing and hard than there is no need to worry. At these time Technical Support is just waiting to help you out. A dedicated team of experts have been hired in order to make your experience with Outlook more efficient. So if you are also looking forward in make change with the new feature of forwarding mail than feel free to contact us at 1-855-617-9111.We will first give a proper guide about the situation and next explain the steps how to cure the problem or to setup with new features. Our Outlook Phone Support Number is very efficient at solving Outlook problems.