Outlook IMAP settings and issues

Outlook has been the number one choice for email service provider. There has been various version launched as the years passes by. Outlook basically supports IMAP/POP3 and exchange accounts. These are some of the function which allows configure your mail accounts. Now due to these function added into Outlook user will e able to connect one or more than one account in their Outlook. There is also other numerous function which user can perform. Now since we are sticking with IMAP settings and issues, Let’s put more focus in these two terms. Cause todays article will cover IMAP settings and the issues which is caused by it.
Firstly, we will be looking at steps which will show instruction on how to configure Outlook with IMAP. It is not a hard process at all. After understanding the working and terms of IMAP, it will not be that hard to make changes in settings later by any user. As per the older version, it did support IMAP, POP AND MICROSOFT Exchange server. IN the latest version things may work a bit differently and with some changes in the user interface. So let’s get much closer in learning how to configure IMAP settings.

Configuration steps for Outlook IMAP setting.

  • Launch your Outlook application in your computer. And in the file tab search for add account and click at add account.
  • There find for Manual Setup and then simply click next.
  • Select the option which says IMAP, POP and make sure mention the specific information and proceed to more settings option.
  • Next in the E-mail settings box, authenticate the outgoing server and click on ok.
  • Next click finish and we are good to go. Your settings has been changed.

Now after getting your settings down for your Outlook, due to configuration of IMAP settings and POP3. Outlook releases various updates in which there are multiple changes made for better performance for Outlook. But these updates are not always accurate or might not always runs as it was supposed to. In these sort of problems user may not be able to access to the saved folders or connect to Outlook at regular interval of time. User are not able to download image content from their inbox.
These were some of the information which is added to the Outlook. So if you want to make changes or if you have been stuck at these process than we are just here to help you out. Whenever you find any problem or confusion using Outlook than the next steps is very simple which can be literally done by any one. So just you need to do is pick up your telephone and dial 1-855-617-9111 and we will be at your service. We have a very efficient way in providing help to users. Our technical support team is best at solving and providing information. Our support team can identify the problems thoroughly through these many years. So whenever user call at our technical support our main priority is to make your confusion clear.