outlook not opening windows 10

Outlook has been one of the most used mail service which are used by people all over the world. And many users have found to use Outlook on windows 10. Windows 10 has been very efficient to use for these email clients. But recently there has been a problem regarding Outlook. Users have reported that Outlook not opening in Windows 10. Users are not able to fix the issue, and if you are a Outlook user it may be a great use for you.
So before going into the solution, let’s look at the ways how it could have caused Outlook to not open at windows 10

App folder data getting corrupted.

When users are in use of Outlook in a regular interval of days, there are much temporary files saved in the system. Users may not be aware about the result if cache are not cleared. Due to the reason the system will not be able to load any components and fails to start.

PST file

This may not be noticeable for users but Outlook needs to access your PST file in order to make the program run. So make sure to grant access to run PST file

Outlook running on compatibility mode.

Compatibility mode is usually used for running older version software in windows 10. Outlook is fully compatible so it does not require compatibility mode.
Now after going through the reasons for your Outlook not opening at Windows 10, we will look into ways of solving it.

Create a new profile for Outlook.

  • • Open control panel and select mail.
  • • Search for Show Profiles and select Add.
  • • Enter your new profile name.
  • • Enter your mail address and password and click Next.
  • • Lastly, click finish and you will find a new profile in the mail dialogue box.
  • • Open Outlook and go to dropdown to open the new profile you have just created.

Use the/ resetnavpane command

  • • Close Outlook before staring
  • • Open run dialogue box and enter outlook.exe/resetnavpane and click ok.
  • Using the following command, the system will clear out every customization related to the navigation pane.

Logout from iCloud

Icloud is defined as the cloud storage service platform which was created by Apple. But in the case with Outlook it does not seem to run that smooth as it was meant. So solve issue with Outlook simple logout from icloud and log back in. Restart the device and you will be able operate Outlook without any errors.

Run your Outlook in compatibility mode.

  • • Go for a right click on the Outlook shortcut
  • • Next select the Properties icon for the menu
  • • Go to compatibility tab and uncheck Run this program in compatibility mode
  • • Save the changes and its done.
  • And if you have any further question, feel free to call 1-855-617-9111 and get connected to our Outlook Customer Support Service Number.