Outlook Not Responding

Have you got into Outlook giving out an error as, Outlook not responding?It may be very frustrating to have such display on the screen. These situations may occur while you are opening Outlook, when you are sending mail or receiving mails.
There are many several reasons due to which your system might be prompting the message. Looking at all those conditions and situations we have prepared some of the ways to get rid of it. Lest look at some of the reasons by which you could get Outlook not responding message.

Possibility of Opening Multiple Dialogue Box

Outlook looks for user’s confirmation after you perform any task in Outlook. The software asks the user if the first time user try to Dismiss All in list of reminders and confirms if you want to do this for all. If you don’t perform any action on that section than Outlook will not allow you to perform any operation in the software. So make sure to check for Multiple Dialogue box.

Install for the Latest Updates for your Operating System and Office Products.

Most of the time there is a condition where users have not manually updated their system and software. It is necessary to check for new updates and if the system is not able to update automatically than user should manually updates the system. Due to these factors, your Outlook don’t seem to take commands well.
We came to know some of the reasons for which Outlook don’t seem to respond accordingly. Since we have learned about the possibilities and cause for such message. Let’s jump further now to get ways to solve the problem.

First and foremost,run Outlook in safe mode for “Processing screen”

You get into the problem where Outlook displays, “Processing”, situations like these can be fixed by closing the application and opening in safe mode.

  • Close the application.
  • Open Outlook in safe mode by selecting any option according to your OS.
    Windows 10: select start and enter Outlook.exe/safe and press enter.
    Windows 7: select start, you will find Search program and Files box. In that section enter Outlook.exe/safe and press enter.
    Windows 8: Locate file menu and select Apps, and press Run, enter Outlook.exe/safe and press OK.
  • Close Outlook and run it again normally.

Install latest version of updates for your Operating System and Outlook

To make your Outlook perform at its best, make sure to keep its files up to date. And same goes for your Operating system too. These updates don’t only add up a new feature but it also removes bugs, errors which were in the software before.

  • • To install the latest update for your OS and office, go to the web to check for install updates.

Try repairing your Outlook Office files

Since the problem is related to Outlook, so there are maximum chances to have problem with the Outlook files. So fixing office program of Outlook might be of help.

  • Close all Outlook application running at background
  • Open control panel and choose Programs and Features.
  • Under installed program, right click on your Installed Office software and select Change.
  • If the following steps doesn’t work at all, Dial1-855-617-9111 to get support service from our Outlook Technical Support team.