Outlook Not Sending or/and Receiving Emails on iPhone. How to Fix?

Outlook is a software where user is featured for sending and receivers emails over the globe with other users. Outlook has successfully able to integrate its software in various platforms such as Windows, Android, Apple. There are loads of other emailing software but Outlook is very efficient compared to other software. Outlook users have been using the software for pretty long and has been quite satisfied with the service and features. In the following update iPhone user were having some issues with Outlook not sending or receiving emails. We have looked thorough the issue and come up with suitable solution for fixing the issue.
Before getting into the steps user must have information about certain stuff. User must backup their IOS files, mail settings. It is always best to have backup in case the system deletes it. In the following case downloaded emails can be deleted. Next step is to set your Wi-Fi connection. To make sure your internet is working head over to safari and open something.

Search for any unsent emails in Outbox

The issue was whenever user was trying to send email, it would display email not sent. Unsent emails are stored in Outbox. Open your Outbox and try sending it again

  • User must get to Mail boxes in Mail located upper left of the screen.
  • Tap on Outbox and check if there are any mails, if not than your mail was sent.
  • Check for the recipient’s email correctly if it is entered correctly or not
  • Lastly, tap on send.

Verify user’s Email address and password entered

There are cases where users have to re-sign in into their account, unless users log into their account cannot be accessed. If user is not able to sign into their account than possible user will have to reset their password.
After getting your password recovered, user must check on the IOS mail Fetch & Notification settings.The settings are set to get all the email information activity in your system. These settings are responsible how the mails act inside the software. To alter the settings please follow the steps provided below.

  • Head over to your settings
  • Open your Password and Accounts.
  • Open Fetch new data.
  • Select over manual or automatic for fetching data.

  • There are various features by which we can set to solve issues such as not able to send or receive emails on IPhone. One of the other methods for getting cover over your sent and received emails is to remove your account and set back again.

  • User must head over to their emails provider’s website and before stepping forward back up your emails for back up.
  • Next head to your iPhone, open settings > Password &Accounts.
  • Tap over the account you are looking to remove and tap on delete.
  • Finally add account again.

With the following process user will have overall information about the steps to solve not receiving or sending emails. Outlook has been working to bring an efficient solution to solve the issue. Now if users have gone through the process and tried to solve the issue and can’t find any solution than wewill be providing solutions for users in all sort of way. IF user is not able to solve the issue and are confused what to do next than please call us at our Outlook Technical Support Center +1-855-946-8018.

OUTLOOK TECHNICAL HELPToll-free (US):+1-855-946-8018