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Outlook is one of the leading tools for integrating email clients. If you want to have offline access to your emailing data and you want to manage emails in better way through your remote computer, you need to use this tool. This exceptionally well made software comes with advanced emailing features as well as options so that the overall experience for sending, attaching and handling email data can be seamless. Though this tool is robust, it can possibly show up some errors or problems. Facing errors or problems with tool is always daunting. This is the reason why you need support or guidance from experts. To talk with our Outlook experts, you can dial our toll free Outlook phone number.
We offer guidance on hone on resolving various types of Outlook issues or problems. We have a team of professionals who come with excellent knowledge, experience and technical insight to deliver the best services to experts with perfection. If you haveOutlook contact number, you can always talk to our veteran executives on different issues or errors with this software from Microsoft. In the following section, we shall find some common errors with Outlook and their probable solutions.

Common Issues or Errors with Outlook

Users can potentially encounter various types of errors or issues. However, listing all those errors is not possible for obvious reasons. This is why we have chosen some frequently encountered common errors with this software. We shall provide you guidance on resolving those errors as well.

1. What is the process to setup Outlook as default email client?

If you want to setup Outlook as default email client on your computer, you have to follow some simple steps. Setting up this tool as default email client will provide certain benefits. The process has been discussed in the following segment:

  • Click on the “Start” button of your Windows operating system
  • Now, you need to find and click on “Default Programs”
  • Thereafter, you need to click on “Set your default programs”
  • Select Microsoft Outlook as your default program
  • Now, confirm your change by hitting on “Set this program as default”
  • Click “OK” to complete this process

2. Procedure to Change Startup Folder

For better email management, many people want to change startup folder on their MS Outlook software. Though doing this task is simple, people often make some mistakes. As they make mistakes, the process turns complicated for them. Better email management should be your motto if you are using this email client. It must come up with advanced features to give you convenience in the process of dealing with emailing data. To change startup folder for this tool, follow the steps described below:

  • Open the Outlook software at the first place
  • Now, go to File menu and Click on “Options” from drop down menu list
  • Thereafter, you need to click on “Advanced” button
  • Press on “Browse” to find the folder which you want to make default startup folder for your Outlook account
  • Now simply press “OK” button below

This will end the simple process of changing startup folder for this software. To obtain more guidance and better assistance in this matter, you can call at our Outlook support number.

3. How should you create a contact group?

Managing email starts from managing contact lists with precision or accuracy. In order to manage your contact list, you may need to crate contact groups. This will help you to segregate the similar contacts in groups. For example, contacts of friends and family members would go to “friends” group. Contacts of colleagues would go under “Business” group. You need to create similar groups. To do that, you need to follow the process as described:

  • Open your Outlook and click on “Address Book”
  • From File Menu, you need to choose option that says “New Entry”
  • Now, select “New Contact Group” and then press “OK”
  • In the Name section, you can add a name to the group
  • Now, click “Add Member” to add contacts in that group
  • When you have done sleeting members, you have to press “Ok” button
  • Now, simply opt for clicking on “Save & Close”

In this way you have created a new contact group with listed members in that group. Dial toll free Outlook helpline number to know more in this regard.
Apart from these common queries, people face different technical issues or errors with this tool. We also help on resolving those errors. All you have to do is to call us at our Outlook help number.