Outlook Recover Password

Outlook is known to be a useful application for the purpose of managing email data. You can sync this application with your email clients and can enjoy getting all the emails at one place. The best thing is that it comes with a lot of interesting features as well as options. You can get better management of your email data. You can get tem offline mode. Moreover, you can manage contacts and archived emails with precision with the help of this software. Users often encounter some technical errors with Outlook. These technical errors cause a lot of difficulties. To get troubleshooting measures, you can call tech support center for Outlook recover password.

Technical Errors with Sign in Process

Outlook users face different kinds of issues or technical errors with this tool. Among those errors, log in error is a common thing. If you have been facing Outlook forgot password error, you need to understand the reason for the errors carefully. Login problem may happen due to many reasons. Understanding the reasons is the most important thing. Commonly, login error happens to users for three possible reasons. We shall check out those reasons first:

  • Typing password wrong is a common reason behind login error. You should type password correctly otherwise it is obvious that you would not be able to login to your email accounts through Outlook.
  • Forgetting password sounds funny, though many people face login error with Outlook due to this reason. So, if you have forgotten password, you need to conduct account recovery process and for that you can seek help from tech support center.
  • You would also require Outlook password recovery, when your account has been accessed by someone else. Due to hacking, you may lose access to your account. In this case, you require account recovery as soon as possible.

Account Recovery Process

When you lose access to your Outlook account, you need to conduct recovery process for your account. There are different methods of account access recovery. Those methods shall be discussed in the following section of this piece of writing. Knowing them with perfection is the most important thing. So, here are those steps for you at a glance:

Method 1: Unlock Outlook Password by Resetting Microsoft Account Password

You can easily unlock Outlook account password, by choosing to reset Microsoft account password. The steps are given below for you convenience:

  • Go to Reset Password page and click on “I Forgot My Password”
  • Enter email address or your cell phone number
  • Enter CAPTCHA ode properly and then click “Next”
  • Choose the method of getting one time password for going to the next step ()You can have it on your phone as text message or can receive call from Microsoft)
  • Once you get the one time security code, you should enter it and move on to the next step
  • Now, you shall be asked to setup a new password
  • Set a new password and then login to your account with this newly created password

From the aforementioned steps, it is quite clear that with this process you cannot recover or retrieve lost password. You can change the password and regain access to your account. Alternative to this method, you can try second method as described below for recovery of forgot Outlook password.

Method 2: Using Password Recovery Tool

You can choose to recover your password with the help of password recovery tool. This tool is known or recognized as Password Recovery Bundle. If you are using Windows operating system software, there should not be any problem in installing and using this tool.

  • At first, install the software to your computer
  • Once installed, open the software and click on “Open” in menu bar
  • Now select .PST file from the folder
  • Now, make selection on the type of attachment that you want to perform for recovery of password
  • Hit “Start” button to start recovery process
  • Now, you shall get the password on the main interface of the software

This is a legitimate and interesting way of recovering lost Outlook password. If you need more guidance, you can dial Outlook recovery phone number. Call anytime for help or assistance from experts.